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A major challenge for organisations today is managing data and ensuring its security. Collection, storage, and processing of data is the most time consuming, yet the most underappreciated task which needs expertise. Whether it is related to CRM, ERP, infrastructure or transactional data, we have the technical muscle and market understanding to craft it into relevant solutions.


Logesys modern analytic platform transforms diverse and complex data into a streamlined enterprise-wide network and through all of the four - descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive stages. Our advanced analytics create insights that span across Manufacturing, Retail, Supply chain and Life Sciences industries to give you a seamless architecture which reduces technology risks.


Our enabler services provide tools and tech stack instrumental for the data and insights to function effectively and ensure more streamlined functions that aid analytics activities. Be it cloud computing, adaptability, user experience or innovation, these enablers can help yours become a vast data-driven organisation, providing a solid bridge between big data and effective strategy and leveraging complex data in completely new and productive ways.


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Carrefour shares the success of the BI team with Qlik Tech Logesys Solutions India, which contributed in converting their requirement into reality. Carrefour saw Qlik View as the only BI solution capable of operating effectively in low bandwidth environments without compromising on performance.


The Carrefour research team developed a range business discovery application using Qlik View for more than 150 users at various levels of management. It was found that around 1,100 retails and wholesale distributors, including the world’s top three grocers turned to Qlik View to help improve performance.



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