marketing services

Our purpose is to help customers manage their data, explore opportunities and derive decisions. In order for us to fulfill this purpose, we have architected our service offerings to cover the entire life-cycle of data - starting from creation, storage, and visualization to advance analytics. Our strong belief that analytics is a business initiative and requires deep understanding of business nuances and processes, has made us choose four industry verticals in which we operate and offer our services - Retail, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Life Sciences. We have the industry experts in each of these verticals who have spent significant amount of their career in these industries on the functional side and also have deep understanding of technology, which we believe is our USP and a critical success factor for our customers.

advanced analytics


Our analytics services cover the whole continuum of analytics covering descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive. The first two services of descriptive and diagnostics are classified as visualisation services, rendered through two of the best visualisation tools in the world, namely Qlik and Power BI. For the latter two services of predictive and prescriptive, we provide industry specific as well as generic custom-built solutions using machine learning, deep learning and computer vision to meet specific business objectives. We also partnered with to offer enhanced analytics powered by conversational insights.

Our standard services cover:

  • Model building and experimenting
  • Solution implementation
  • Training and customer success

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has safely crossed the chasm of speculations against security and reliability a decade back. When you want to leave your worry about infrastructure management and want to jump directly to develop your product or service, cloud infrastructure services are the right answer. Apart from infrastructure, we also offer Office365/Microsoft 365 as a SaaS offering.

Our standard services cover:

  • Assessment and Optimization Services
  • Migration Services
  • Managed Services
cloud Infrastructure



Our automation services cover both business process automation (BPA) as well as robotic process automation (RPA), both these tools helps your business to transform and run efficiently with fewer errors. We have currently launched our business process automation services using power apps and power flow from the Microsoft, where simple automation can be done with a no-code approach and integrated within your office 365 environment using power flow.

Our standard services cover:

  • power apps and flow development
  • business process discovery
  • process audits and assessments