Automation Anywhere

Save human power for intelligent jobs. Transform your boring business tasks into smart and quick automated solutions with Automation Anywhere RPA platform.


Why Automation Anywhere?

Because human resource is costly and craves creative challenges. 

Automation Anywhere is an enterprise-level platform powered with automation bots. With artificial intelligence at the center, you can focus on business needs that demand your attention and creativity. Gain more control and precision and save time by leaving the legacy system and old methodologies behind. The automation capabilities are laced with advanced features with software bots working behind the screen. 

Now, automate fast and precise.

Benefits and Features




Allows you to scale up or down easily according to your business fluctuations. Create proof of concepts and pilot projects or expand the trials in quick cycles. The tool is compatible with both on-premise and cloud platforms.




Lends tight security with a single sign-on and other industry standards for both active and static data. Rigorous version controlling and accurate roll-back make the automated processes absolutely secured.




Experience uninterrupted automation with high availability. Disaster recovery capabilities at various levels make the RPA platform highly robust.


Device Agnostic

Device Agnostic

Available on various devices, the functionality helps you to manage your RPA bots and automated applications on the go. Anytime, anywhere.

Why Logesys?

The decade long industry and technology experience gives teams at Logesys an edge in proficient handling of all sorts of your business process automation needs. Logesys experts can turn your automation journey into an agile, near-zero defects transformation. 

Our Expertise

License Management

Manage your RPA and apps licenses like the renewal of existing and expired licenses and the procurement of newer ones with our hassle-free and quick aid.

Development and Implementation

We can automate your business processes—of all sizes—using RPA of Automation Anywhere or with the power of Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power Automate. Be it an on-premise application or cloud-based system; whether your process belongs to retail, manufacturing, or others, every automation is at your snap now. From design to development and then deployment, we cater to all your implementation needs.


Want expert advice to make your digital transformation journey bump-free? We are watching your back. Get consultation on various industry domains and technologies to automate them using RPA, software bots, AI Builder, and Power Apps.

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